Endeavor Training

The Endeavor Class is a weekly advanced training in the Forex.  We are not here to trade, we are here to take on a piece of the Forex puzzle and drill down on that.  Endeavor training is only available to Full Subscribers and Fast Track Traders.


Endeavor recording archive

Live Recording Archive

Please be aware that new recordings have to be rendered and will not be available until the next day:

08/13/2018 Channels

08/07/2018 REOTM trade August

08/02/2018  Q&A

07/23/2018 Q&A of the first 4 lessons 5 in a series of 5

07/16/2018 How to know your currency  4 in a series of 5 Excel spreadhsheet here  Note: this is not complete just an example to get you started

07/09/2018 Elliott wave for structure 3 in a series of 5

06/18/2018 review of a trending market  2 in a series of 5

06/11/2018 review of Trading a sideways market  1 in a series of 5

07/02/2018 REOTM position trade 

06/28/2018 did not get a good recording of Pablo

06/04/2018 REOTM for June

05/14/2018 what to do in the offtime in the charts

05/07/18 Scaling in and Out

04/23/18 A winning Trading Plan w Pablo

04/16/18 Journaling with Pablo

04/10/18 How to trade reversals in a ranging market

03/19/18 Chart Features that will help you make better decisions

03/12/18 Controlling Bias in trading

02/26/18 Real Estate of the Month GJ

02/12/18 Real Estate of the Month

02/05/18 Trailing Stops

01.29.18 Pattern Whispering

01.22.18 Candle Whispering -  not a great recording - info is good but we had tech problems

01.09.18 Finding the January REOTM trade

12.18.17 Understanding the last piece of the chart

12.11.17 Using the ATR in trading

12.05.17 Real Estate of the Month Trade Dec 17

11.27.17 4 things you have to know WOS webinar 90 minutes

11.20.17 How the charts feed you correct information

11.13.17 How to distinguish structure in the view from the helicopter

11.05.17 What part of the chart do we care about today?

10.30.17 Nuances in trading

10.23.17 Morning setup

10.16.17 Mini Wide Open spaces webinar

10.02.17 Using the HSI for targets AND retracements as well as know your currency

09.18.17 How Structure and REOTD lead you to the opportunity2

09.11.17 September Pay your mortgage trade

08/28/17 Understanding fractuals

08/21/17 Finding a trade in structure Probability not possibility

08/14/17 Using Single line trendlines to trade

08/01/17 Endeavor Understanding Convergence divergence

07/25/17 Endeavor Open Forum and Paper trading the RF1010

06/27/17 6 Aces with Jerry 

06/20/17 Endeavor Entry and Exits on the 10 Min chart

06/13/17 Endeavor June PYMT

06/06/17 Endeavor June PYMT

05/23/17 Endeavor Square ups as targets

05/09/17 Endeavor May PYMT

05.01.17 Finding the May PYMT

04.24.17 Retracements-Pullbacks

04.10.17 Finding the April PYMT

03.27.17 How to trade if you have a job

03.20.17 Identfying WOS and then planning addins to the target

03.13.17 How to trade sideways markets and stops

03.06.17 Find an opportunity and plan 3 entries

02.27.17 We pick the March Pay your mortgage trade

02.15.17 Wide Open Spaces

02.14.17 Tricks of the trade

02.07.17  Entry and Exits on the 10 min chart

12.19.16 What to practice over the holidays

12.12.16 Q&A

12.05.16 Finding the Pay your Mortgage trade

11.28.16 Topdown analysis#2

11.14.16 The pullback is my friend

11.07.16 Review of TFPD

11.01.16 How to place stops in the Real Estate of the day

10.24.16 How to understand reversals in sideways markets

09.26.16 How to create a road map not your own

09.19.16 Create a trade plan and how to time entries

09.12.16 How to keep losses smaller then wins

08.29.16 How to pick 2-7 currencies to trade for the week

08.22.16 How to anticipate a pullback

08.15.16  The charts say or you say

08.08.16 Hsi Or Fibs?

08.01.16 Q and A on summer Trading

06.13.16 How to find the dominent move for the Road Map

06.06.16  How to trade in the summer months

05.16.16 Patterns that help you let the charts drive

05.09.16  Move over- Let the charts drive

04.25.16 What to do when the market moves against you

04.18.16 Papertrading the 10 min chart

04.11.16 What to do when the market is sluggish

04.04.16 Rules rules and more rules!

03.21.16 Pullbacks are my friend

03.08.16 Q&A on the last 5 lessons

02.29.16 Using a Scout and trade managment after

02.22.16 The Pullback is my friend

02.08.16 Usng entry orders to press your winners

01.11.16 Possibility Vs Probability- Password is probability

01.04.16 Wait for your trade to come to you - password is herekitty

12.14.15  What to practice over the holidays

11.30.15 Open session Questions and Answers

11.02.15 TFPD to find the WOS and the HSI

10.26.15 Papertrading

10.19.15 How to find the entry based on Structure and REOTD

10.05.15 How to pick the Correct target based on REOTD

09.28.15 When to change your structure or add trends to a box

09.21.15 Trading the REOTD in the WOS

09.14.15 The Five Phases Of Perception And How They Impact Your Reality  

08.24.15 Which arrow to pull out of the quiver

08.17.15  K. I.S.S.

08.03.14 Channels and bounces

07.27.15 Understanding the LAST PIECE of the charts

07.20.15 How Structure and REOTD lead you to the opportunity

07.13.15 Applying the helicopter view into planning a trade (you should watch the 07.06.15 video first!)

07.06.15 View from the helicopter

06.22.15 Paper trading

06.15.15 Putting our last few lessons together into a working model

06.01.15 How to confirm the trend

05.18.15 Paper Trade with a ledger

05.05.15 finding the Wide Open Spaces WOS

04.27.15  Waves on different time compressions