Live Room Recaps

We do a LIVE ROOM "SESSION RECAP"  - "Heads Up" from the previous live NY session to Live Room subscribers via the heads up recording below (about 10 minutes).  REMEMBER WE ARE TARGET TRADERS - WE CANNOT MAKE THE MARKET MOVE IN ANY SESSION -SO THESE ARE "HEADS UP" OPPORTUNITIES - NOT TRADES!  The price points alerted to are not actual trade numbers but "AREAS OF INTEREST" to look for a trade opportunity and the conclusion.  The stop is not a hard stop but a starting place. Don't forget we "PRESS OUR WINNERS WITHOUT EXCEPTION".

Video – How to trade the recap?
Forex Target Trading- How to trade the recap? (9:45)


All tutorials and live session recordings and Alerts to the Info Center on this site are protected under copyright law and are not for rebroadcast.

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NY Session Recap video
By Scott 07.12.18  



We do not post unless we have at least a 1:1 risk to reward ratio (usually 1:2 or more) and that means that while the stop is a hard stop (using the ProAct Traders Scale in method)  the limit is not - we may target 58 pips and it may only do 52 - we will count whatever traders actually report that they took.  Also please realize that broker spreads can all be different - that is one reason why these are heads up not trades!  The other reason is they are sent out hours in advance and since no one here has a crystal ball - we don't know if they will materialize or not.

Watch for these to POSSIBLY happen in the next session or two!


Just taking a session recap is not smart!  We record these at the end of the sessions and they may or may not happen in the next sessions. Also remember that YEN crosses should primarily be traded in the ASIAN session and should be considered your first opportunity for the trade to materialize.  NEVER trade them unless you agree with the analysis and are willing to accept the risk - they are Trading ideas not Trade signals.