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Welcome to the ProAct Traders family. Remember, we are a "Forex Trading System" not just charts.  We are a system that will stay with you from beginner to advanced. 

1: Start:

See for yourself with no pressure, no sales hype, no "pie in the sky", "holy grail" junk and NO COST!

Get 7 days free access to the live London and NY sessions to get a feel for our membership community and the system free.

7 day live room

2: Then ...

Enjoy a 10 day free charting software demo with free Membership access to the live London and NY sessions.

10 day chart demo

3: Then go to the next level -

Additionally you can sign up for our Dealers Choice Trade Alerts for only $1.00 a day for subscribers (non-subscribers is $200 month)! 

Dealers Choice for non live room subscribers 

NOTE: All subscriptions are  set to automatically renew on the 1 month anniversary of your start date.  We pay for data feed in advance so we have a 5 day written cancellation policy if you need to cancel your subscription.

ProAct Traders Better Business Bureau Rating

Charts Plus Live Room Membership includes:

  • Access to NY and London session live rooms   - cost is $295 per month at other places 
  • Charting software – cost is $200  (includes data feed - a separate cost with most charting services unless covered by a Broker - not free just built into the spread)
  • Advanced class live once a week – value is $100 per month
  • Market Analysis live every Sunday with Pablo – value is $100 per month
  • Info center alerts – value is $200-300 per month
  • Session recap video daily – value is $100 per month

Add that all up and you get $995+ per month but we charge only $300

We will refund your live room subscription ($100 value), no questions asked if WE* do not capture 100 pips in a month based on our observations in the live room, Info Center alerts and session recap - this means you have NO COST and NO RISK!


* The key here is WE - not you - you could trade and lose money but that is YOU not us.  If We have a losing month then the above is in play.

(Small print: you must be trading with a live account and trading an average of 1 mini lot per trade)

In 2017, We had 124 IC alerts prove out (about 2 a week) for a total of 6255 pips (146 pips of these were losses) with an average winning trade of 54 pips.  This would average a potential 100 additional pips a week with a 1 lot mini would be $100 per week.  We could easily charge $100 per month for alerts only - BUT WE DON'T.  It is a value add for all of our subscribers and is included in their monthly membership fee.

Charts Plus Live Room Membership - $300 per 30 day cycle

Charts and live room


You can cancel at any time with at least 5 days written notice and that will stop the next billing.

Mentored Traders called "Fast Track Traders" is only open a few times a year.

1 year mentoring program, starting with a 3 day course and then a daily ( Mon-Thurs) live room mentoring.

Fast Track has it's own page since the program is intensive, extensive and has lots of benefits.

Returning Fast Tracker

I am a former Fast Tracker and had to leave due to personal situations and want to come back?

Returning Fast Tracker

Put "returning Fast Tracker" in the comments field.  We'll look up your former status and process behind the scenes.


Other Possibilites?


Are you a recent Vet returning from active duty in the last year?  We have a military discount - email us here

Note: Military discount is not available for a referral sorry!


Our data feed is included in your charting subscription so you do not pay a seperate fee for the data feed like other systems but... Please understand that since our data feed is purchased in bulk and is based on a 30 day  billing cycle - if you go ONE DAY into a new cycle we have no choice but to charge you for the whole month since we will be charged for your data feed for the whole month!

Cancel Your Current Subscription.


*Trading Forex involves substantial risk, is not for every trader and only risk capital should be used.  Past performance is no gurantee of future results.