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Built inside our charts is a revolutionary system based on established technical analysis to assist in making trading decisions. ProAct Traders™ subscribers have the added advantage of viewing charts with the ability to signal possible high-probability trading opportunities as well as high probability trading targets.

What does that mean? The #1 problem traders have is “letting their loser run and clicking their winner out to quickly".  Our charts also come complete with all the tools you'll need plus 3 extra tools available no where else.  You also get the USDX (normally a separate data feed charge) and a special array with the proprietary MACD for calculating divergence.


The market does three (3) things: Ranges, Trends and Reverses. You need a different trade setup for each. Trading a trending trade setup (example: a moving average crossover system) is trading suicide in a ranging or reversing market. So we created these trade setup templates and established rules to trade them.



RF1010 Trade Setup – First move of the session

The first pulse of momentum to start a move is an RF 10/10.   This is a confirmable move for about 25-30 pips with the trend of the day. As market participants recognize the move, more and more traders enter creating momentum and the speed of the move increases. This decreases the probability of the opposite move happening since more traders have entered positions agreeing with the overall move. Ultimately, if enough traders are entering, the market will only slowdown, retrace or pullback as traders take off winning trades since there are too many traders on board for the continuation of the move. This trade is the MOST popular setup we have with our traders with the exception of the Pole Trade.


You can watch a quick video on this setup to understand it HERE

  • Here 's a live trade we took- we cut it down to only 2 minutes so you could see it Click HERE!
  • Here's another one with 2 trades for +100 pips - edited to only 8 minutes Click HERE!

6 ACES Trade Setup – for reversing or ranging markets

We are looking for multiple confirmation of the same view. We use multiple time frames to see maximum harmony when the currency is ranging. When all time frames show Bright Green (up move) or Bright Red (down move) a sustainable move is probable. We need painted neon candles, arrows, PATO's and HMI indicators all saying the same thing. This means we have harmony in a market that is either ranging or reversing. For reversals, we need a special candle pattern and the confirmation of hitting a major target (see HSI Tool below) and evidence of divergence on the 60 minute 6 Aces chart.  Both environments (ranging and reversing) are more dangerous and require more confirmation.

You can watch a quick video on this setup to understand it HERE


Royal Flush Trade Setup - For sustainable trending moves

Once a RF1010 happens, if the market structure is set to trend (vs. sideways), a lot of participants will be joining the move.  This keeps it sustainable for its Average True Range (ATR) and more.  Our charts will depict that harmony on multiple time complessions and using different views of this.  We use PATO's (a proprietary oscillator) and Heiken Aishi charts to visually see this.  An example might be that a currency has an ATR of 97 pips.  With a Royal Flush in play,  the currency might move 140-150 pips instead of 97 pips in a day.

You can watch a quick video on this setup to understand it HERE


Here is a 30 minute video on "The Greatest Charts in the World"



We are Forex Target Traders and so naturally we built proprietary tools to find high probability Forex targets into our charts.  

Click on the graphics below to see an expanded view and then use your escape key to return.

Above are T 30 target lines - they are auto generated by the software.  The T30's are a mathematical algorithm based on the Pivot Point of the day chart. They are very accurate interim targets for intra-day moves.  In the early part of a movement it shows us where to tighten our stop.  At the end of the movement, it shows us where the movement might stall and we should take our trade off.  This is virtually impossible to do on other charts because this tool was invented by us.

Above are HSI Targets - designed to find the bigger targets automatically.  The tool combines Fibonacci ratios and historical Support and Resistance into one easy to use tool.  Simply find a top or bottom, click the starting place and the software automatically plots where the move MIGHT GO.  The HSI tool has proven to be far more accurate then Fibonacci ratios alone.  This is virtually impossible to do on other charts because this tool was invented by us.

Above are PAT PROJECTOR targets - manually set by the trader.  Find the start of the move (the white dot is where momentum enters) and you can mark the 55 pips* that the market is trying to go to.  We use it also to show the target for the Pole Trade.  Unless you can visually see the targets on the charts, science tells us that you will not stay in for the target.  This is virtually impossible to do on other charts because the critical thing is to determine the exact candle where momentum entered to start the move!  

Only ProAct Traders has these amazing abilities built into the charts.

We are not a "BLACK BOX" system. You must still use the time tested application of Forex Technical Analysis to ascertain if the movement is real - but once you have done that, our charts show the road map the currency is trying to take with REAL TARGETS, REAL MOMENTUM ENTRIES and a clear set of rules that keep you OUT of suspect trades and IN high probability trades.

As with all charting systems, some time is necessary to familiarize yourself with the charts and setups and how to read them. This is why we give you a free 10 day trial period to try them. You will also have free access during this time to sit in our live rooms and learn from real traders who are adept at imparting that knowledge to traders. We suggest you only trade them on a demo account until you are familiar with their movement and signals and feel confident that you can trade them in a live account. Our data feed is NOT delayed, so you will see the movements in real time.

Our charts visually show multiple chart harmony and market momentum – two keys to trading. Knowing however, that harmony and momentum are present will give you confidence to pull the trigger and equally important when NOT TO! A tutorial library is available to assist you in understanding the ProAct Traders™ Trade Setups and how we use them.

Try them… 


See for yourself with no pressure, no sales hype, no "pie in the sky", "holy grail" junk and NO COST!

Enjoy a 10 day free charting software demo with free Membership access to the live London and NY sessions.  Click here



* The 55 pips is the first Fibonacci Sequence target that a Big Boy can shoot for since lower targets are not acceptable at their level of trading and lot size.  Our T30's are based on the Fibonacci Sequence that preceedes the Big boys 55 pip target.  This is the sequence:  1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …