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2020 Best of Round Rock awards - not bad for being in the home of Dell!

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ProAct Traders was awarded a prestigious award as one of the top financial blogs in the world (we were #56) in 2016. click on the badge below to see the actual criteria.


Fast Tracker Andrew H wins the Free Roll Forex Tournament!

June 12, 2014  Note:  when he won Andrew had only been trading for ten months with us.

55 Pips or more is our first target

The Big Boys trade only in "Wide Open Spaces" of 55 pips or more.  They are looking for a 1:3 risk for reward opportunity.  If none exists, then they set about to create it.  Our proprietary methodology is designed to find that specific structure in the currency and then trade a "high probability, low risk" trade setup in that very area.  We teach our traders how to do it every day in our live rooms, and because we no longer look for high risk, low reward trades, we risk our money less, but make more Pips.