ProAct Targets Tool

At ProAct Traders we are TARGET TRADERS!  Our charts are designed to give traders the information needed to find a great LOW RISK and HIGH REWARD trade.  These targets are done BEFORE the moves typically at the NY Fix Monday-Thursday.  ProAct Traders created a desktop/mobile App that will give active Forex traders advance knowledge of where the best target is for 20 currency pairs based on our methodology and opinion.  You can see that it shows the direction, the target and the latest tim

Mission Statement

We are an award-winning and leading global charting company competing in the foreign exchange (FX) markets. Our goal is to become the world’s preferred Forex trading software company. All of us at ProAct Traders are passionate about delivering excellence in everything we do, and we all have important values in common: integrity, a can-do attitude, as well as care and consideration in our team relationships and client services.

Trade Setups and a Target Trading checklist

ProAct Traders is a system that takes traders from beginner to advanced.  Advanced methodologies and 10 proprietary trade setups are only taught to our Fast Track Traders.  However, our beginning strategies are outlined below.  99% of our new traders come to us after failing using some indicator based system.  We do not have anything against indicators as long as "YOU NEVER TRADE THEM"!

We have multiple trade setups for the new trader to Target Trading.  REMEMBER: we only trade in a Wide Open Space! 

$EURAUD- Pennant!

Currently we are at 1.3122  after nice trade up form 1.3075 yesterday.  A breakout out of the pennant should initially go to the R6 @ 1.3180 with a further target @ 1.3217.  The current average daily trading range (ATR) is 124 pips.


Weekly Outlook

Quote of the week. “Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” –Charles Schulz

Weekly Tip. If you are a new parent, you have 18 years to save for your child's university tuition. Consider an opening an education account in which earnings can compound with tax deferral.


Weekly Outlook

Quote of the week. “You can only perceive real beauty in a person as they get older.” –Anouk Aimée

Weekly Tip. If you gift stock to help your student pay some college costs, be careful — if the gain is too large from the sale, your child's unearned income could top $1,900 and you will be hit with the "kiddie tax" and pay 15% instead of 0% on the gain.