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Finally....The Education & Experience You Have Been Looking For!

Your Boot Camp Questions Answered

What If I don’t have any experience?

Awesome! You have no bad habits to break and can learn it correctly right from the start. Make sure you have watched the FIRST VIDEOS and the BEGINNER LESSONS in the ProAct Academy before tackling this.

What is Boot Camp?

Essentially, it is Fast Track Light.  All the methodology of Fast Track is here EXCEPT...Fast Trackers learn 11 ways to use Fibs-you will learn 3 (but these are critical).  Fast Trackers initially learn 13 Bank setups which are not in Boot Camp.   Fast Trackers also have advanced information as they progress.

Can I do this training at my own pace?

Boot camp was created for exactly this person. The course is self directed so time is not the issue. It is primarily for those who have a J.O.B., or live in a part of the world where they cannot attend any live classes. It is jam packed with critical information, but at a price point that is reachable by most traders.

What happens after training ends?

Many traders opt to be in the live room for a month or two to watch Boot Camp unfold in real time. That experience helps a trader get to a whole new level. Of course you don't have to do that, but it is a low cost option. You also have lifetime access to the Session Recap each day.

Do I need to use your charts?

NO!  This was another reason we created this course so that traders who were partial to their charts did not have to commit to learning our software but could try and replicate it in their own charts.  Of course, our charts are smarter and have proprietary information that you can't get on other charts.

What if I purchase Boot Camp and later decide that I do want to go through Fast Track?

100% of the purchase price of Boot Camp will be credited towards your Fast Track enrollment. After your credit card has cleared we will refund to that card the cost of Boot Camp. We are not upselling you, just trying to get you to your next level of trading.

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