The Forex is a journey and ProAct Traders exists to help traders along that path

Our Motto is “No trader Left Behind.” Our business model is different from all other Forex companies because of these...

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Management team

Scott Barkley
Scott is an award winning Forex Trainer who has mentored students all over the world since 2003.  Scott has had one o
Jerry Rankin
Jerry was President and co-owner of ROC Software.  A multi-million dollar software company.
Karen Barkley
Karen Barkley
Karen is a University of Texas Graduate in business and finance.

The best way is to learn it right the first time and apply it

The best way is to learn it right the first time and apply it. There are many people who want to take your money and have nothing to really offer.

Clients say

  • "When I became interested in trading I was living in Las Vegas. I quickly became a seminar junkie. I attended as many Futures, Forex Expos, & Money shows as I could. I learned a lot about trading
  • I wanted to first off congratulate you on your new grandchild and to let you know how I have been doing. It's a little over 2 months since fasttrack and I have been making some good pips. From the start
  • Hi traders, just chiming in on behalf of Proact Traders to say that this is the real deal. And if it wasn’t for their dedication, honesty, methodology and support I wouldn’t be trading the Forex or have
  • 12/01/10I am so grateful that I found ProAct. I can only hope that many others get to know what the rest of us know about the organization and the unending support you and the team provide to us.I am
  • Since I started at PA traders I have learned so much, its indescribable!!! :)Since I started with PA 5-6 weeks ago, and 2weeks ago on micro lots, the results are great. Here are some stats from a PA
  • Anyone who is interested in FOREX trading will be blown away by what they will learn from the Fast Track seminar. You learn why the market moves the way it does. No more scalping. No more being dependent