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Bruno E. - France

I'm going to leave soon as I've finished my trading week with just over 100K$ profit, but before I go, as a testimony to all our new PA friends who wonder if it's possible to make good money as a Target Trader, I made 61K$ last night with multiple standard lots of course...It's not about trading every day but only those one right days (or right nights!)...Wish you all a great weekend.

Aston Henry - South Africa

First of all, it is not a trend direction software. It's a course. yes they have special charts but more on that later. I have done many courses over the years.....If you wanna be among the elite in anything you do, you go to the best school ProAct Traders. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FOREX SCHOOLS, IF NOT THE BEST!!!

Crystl A. - USA

Anyone who is interested in FOREX trading will be blown away by what they will learn from the Fast Track seminar. You learn why the market moves the way it does. No more scalping. No more being dependent on indicators. You will learn how to read a chart naked. The knowledge you gain will give you the edge you will need to be a successful trader.

Adam B. - UK

I just wanted to thank you personally! I know you are humble and do not take the praise you deserve but without your trainings - none of this would be possible!!! Doing the work is the easy part! Trying to find what you should be doing and why is almost impossible to find! (I feel foolish for all the money I wasted with two other well-known and pricey trading gurus...but I was always doing my best to learn and become a profitable and then a full time trader. (Editor note: Edited to hide the names of those companies) These last few years life has been tough...I am 47 in April 2023 and in 4 weeks time I am leaving the UK to start a new life in New Zealand. Being able to work from home is a big part of me being able to do this! After losing my stallion and a lot of money for his failed operation etc, I decided to buy your 300 course and try to turn my £48.45 which I had in my trading account into enough to buy your Fast Track...I also felt that I would then deserve to give myself this opportunity. I currently have £2,678.12 in my trading account...once it reaches £3,000 - I will join Fast Track - which I cannot wait for to be honest. The fact that I have been able to learn all of this from your Open House and free academy trainings is incredible to me. I just wanted to let you know - that what you have given to me (for free) - is allowing me to change my life for the better and for that i will be forever grateful! So looking forward to joining everyone in the Fast Track program. Kind regards, Adam

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