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Price Action

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Bankers trade price action. They don’t use indicators, which are a recipe for failure. Price Action activates the trader’s left brain, the part that decodes the language of the charts. Hint: Naked charts aren’t really naked.


Proven Methodology

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Traders have come to us and stayed with us since 2004. They tell us the ProAct methodology works in all asset classes. You can see proof of concept with live traders in our live room.


How to Scale

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Discover how to grow a small account into a full-time or part-time living from forex trading. You’ll learn to adjust your trading to your current lifestyle and still be successful in your trading goals!

With new opportunities for account growth come new challenges. Meet them head-on with the best education and mentoring in the Forex Market!

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For almost two decades, we’ve been revealing the successful trading strategies that we personally developed.

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Customer satisfaction and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau


of our traders grow to a better understanding of market dynamics and how to capitalize on them.


For our proven methodology modeled after the Big Boys (Bankers) movements in the market!

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See our roadmap for your success!

Access the Trading World

Using custom tools we originally created for ourselves, but now offer to you. Take your trading to another level with the guidance of a live coach and a live trading room shared with experienced traders.

ProAct Traders

How do we help your Forex Trading? At ProAct, you have the resources of:


We are traders ourselves. We coach you in what works. You will quickly find yourself at home in our warm, welcoming community. There’s no hype here. As our veteran traders will tell you, “If you do what we do, you’ll get what we get. The results aren’t miraculous by chance; they're mechanical by training.”

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Our software was designed by Forex Traders, for Forex Traders. Our live rooms are interactive and a place to really learn. Our mentored students share strategies daily with each other in a private online community.


Dedicated online support

Our priority is keeping you active in the market with in-house USA-based technical support should you need it.

Global community

Join an exclusive community of like-minded Traders ( who make hundreds even thousands of Pips in a day) and stand out from the rest by networking with the best.

You’ll select the program level that fits your forex trading goals, preparedness, and budget.

Let us show you what we can do, no strings attached.

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