Price Action

Here's what is in this 5 lesson Video set:

Lesson 1 Intro to Price action, Moving Averages, Structure, Trends and Ranges (35 mins)

Lesson 2 Tools of the Trade: Fibonacci, Fibs in Ranges, Support and Resistance (33 mins)

Lesson 3 Intro to Elliott Wave, Average True Range (ATR) and US Dollar Index (37) mins

Lesson 4 Chart Patterns, train your brain to read the market, Left brain/Right Brain (36) mins

Lesson 5 How to stack the deck against you (you don't want to), Target Trading , Stops, Scaling In and 3 real trade setups to get you started (53 mins)

Doing 300

We have observed that our traders-in-training need at least 300 exposures to a particular trade setup or recurring chart pattern.

Traders who tackle the task of recognizing each technical component 300 times are the ones who unlock the language of the charts.

They learn to anticipate market moves, based on observed statistical probabilities.

We created a 26-lesson set so that you can get started right away.

*Lessons include a short video on each piece of the Forex puzzle.
*Sample checklist of what to look for.
*4 examples to practice FIRST


10 Reasons

This is a series with 10 short videos of why trading the Forex won't work!

These are very quick videos with 10 reasons why you can't trade the Forex...

But if you identify these in your trading habits and can admit it and then work on fixing them the Forex trading can become greatly improved and you can begin to enjoy greater success and improve your journey experience.

Watch these and see if you want to join us for 10 days of live room training and learn how we use our charts and tools to successfully trade!

12 Mistakes

We all have habits that we bring into our trading when we start.

These are 12 common mistakes that we have found that most traders experience at some point in their journey toward success.

We created a 12-lesson video set that helps you with these common mistakes.

We have made this extremely affordable for all who are struggling with issues such as no trading plan, money management, understanding stops, letting losing trades run and over-trading to name a few.



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