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Bronze - $300 Monthly

This entry-level membership gets you started with the most amazing charting software designed and written by traders for traders.

The charts have built-in templates with momentum signals and proprietary target tools. The array comes complete with 3 Heiken Aishi charts, 3 proprietary Oscillators, and the HSI tool to plot the Elliott wave targets.

You get the live room each Monday-Thursday in the NY Session and the Weekly Outlook every Monday night where we review alerts that have been sent out and then look for the Swing Trade of the week. The rooms are hosted by internationally known, award-winning Mentor: Scott Barkley who is also the author of " The Empowered Forex Trader: Strategies To Turn Pains Into Gains".

You get our Info Center widget which includes the ATR, 1 click access to the rooms, Risk Calculator plus more.

Access is also open for the Session recap video done each day after the NY Session.

You also get access to the limited areas in the library of the Academy.

Additional Bonus: You also get the eBook “The 4 Things You Need To Know to Trade the Forex".

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