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This membership-level program is for serious traders who want to “Fast Track” their entry into professional trading. This is world-class training and as long as you are a chart subscriber, never-ending! Take the Master Class as often as you want (it is recorded for access 24/7).

Fast Track Intensive 3-day Master Class – all done self-directed (and live anytime the live class is taught!)

Amazing Proprietary Award Winning Charting Software included for 2 months ($300 per month starting in the 3rd month).

Monday – Thursday Live Room Training with Scott, approximately 1-2 hours each day (depending on market conditions) in the NY market, and then a private session on most days for just Fast Trackers. This is included at no cost for 1 year. ($1200 value)

Weekly Outlook meeting every Monday night which includes the Real Estate of the Week Swing Trade.

Private Telegram room for Fast Trackers only.

FXTT Pattern Recognition Software.

FXTT Info Center with one-click access with ATR built in as well as many other features.

Large video library to explain our methodology in depth.

Recordings of all classes for later access.

2 months of charts (Bronze level) are included in this price ($3600 value). Month to month at the Bronze level starting in the 3rd month with full Fast Tracker benefits included.

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